A little about our group

The Kurds or the Kurdish people, are an ethnic group originating in the Middle East, a region called Kurdistan, which is divided between four different countries – Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Due to political conflict, oppression, assimilation policies in the Middle East, Kurds have constantly been displaced and forced to migrate. This has often resulted in the lack of opportunity to create, exhibit and celebrate their culture and identity via the art forms.

We strongly believe art will help to reunite the Kurds across the world and to give them the medium to heal as a community ridden with grief and injustice. Kurdish Art Fair organises exhibitions and fairs to showcase some of the finest works of art from the Kurdish communities and gives art lovers and artists the opportunity to come together, explore, discover and document their work.

Meet our team

Sevcan Yuksel Henshall

Kurdish artist focusing on the use of lines to explore and express ideas.

Yuksel Adiguzel

Kurdish creative designer with experience in online, offline and digital platforms.